Data Governance Director & Technology Leader

I build highly automated data governance programs for large, complex, data driven organizations. My technology rich background, leadership skills and open communication style bring together the right mix of experience to lead any program.

Modern Data Governance programs automate data discovery, data classification, data lineage in a way that makes data stewards jobs easier, data science more efficient and business programs more effective. They also support data security and privacy for easier response to DSARs, higher compliance with regulations and improved data protection. I build programs that empower data within organizations in a way that fits into the existing corporate culture.

If you are interested in talking about employment opportunities please reach out to me on LinkedIn.


Current Skills

  • Data Governance,
  • Application Security,
  • Data Catalogs,
  • Privacy Engineering,
  • Leadership,
  • Data Classification,
  • Data Lineage,
  • Data Stewardship,
  • Metadata Management,
  • Master Data Management,
  • Data Quality,
  • Agile Development,
  • Mentoring,
  • Data Governance Operating Models,
  • Big Data,
  • Cloud Technologies,
  • Web 3.0,
  • Blockchain,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Python, Java, Linux

I'm currently looking for new opportunities to create
the next world class Data Governance program and
the privilege to work with excellent people.